Pre-orders are advance purchases that are made on merchandise that is not currently in stock but that is expected to ship at a later date (the expected shipping date will be noted within the description of each item).

Here’s how pre-orders work.

If you would like to pre-order merchandise and have the merchandise reserved for you:

  1. Shop, add pre-order items to your cart and go through the normal checkout process in Addy’s Closet. 
  2. During checkout you can choose to pay in full or to pay a deposit (typically 25-50% of the retail value). 
  3. Upon receipt of your pre-order, we will reserve the merchandise for you by removing it from our expected stock.
  4. Once the merchandise arrives in our store, we will immediately ship it to you if you have already paid in full, or we will notify you via email and invoice you for the remaining balance owed.
  5. Upon receipt of your final payment, we will then ship your pre-order(s) to you free of shipping charges**.
  6. **Free Shipping applies only to shipments sent within the US. Competitive shipping rates will apply to international pre-orders and will be charged as part of the final pre-order payment. We will notify you via email regarding the international shipping rate you will be charged.

Pre-Order Cancellations, Store Credits, and Refunds

Pre-orders are not eligible for cancellation after 14 days. Please note that if you choose to cancel a pre-order, your pre-order payment will become a store credit that you may use toward a future purchase at Addy's Closet.  This store credit may not be used to repurchase cancelled items. If for any reason merchandise that you have purchased as part of a pre-order is not available (for example, the manufacturer does not make the product) or if it does not arrive within our store within 30 days of the expected shipping date, we will cancel your order if you wish and offer you a full refund on the pre-ordered merchandise.